Economic News & Events Filter

Stop your account from trading at risky hours

MT2 platform allows you to filter the economic news & events that have the potential to negatively affect your trading, allowing your account to stay safe at all times!

Filter economic news & events

High-impact news can severely affect the behavior of currency pairs. MT2 will allow you to set up news filters to avoid your account from trading at dangerous times!

How to set up economic news events filters?

Customize your filters

You have total freedom to configure how your economic filters work and protect your account. Define specific time periods where your account should stop trading, according to the impact level of the news/event!

How to configure trading filters?

Highly trusted source

MT2 platform has been integrated with where the most important economics news and events are published constantly. Upcoming events and news on the news filter are directly taken from the official calendar, on real time!

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